Stay On Mat

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Introducing our magnetic stay on mat- they provide the ultimate pet-eating experience , especially useful if your pets bowl keeps sliding and slipping while they eat! With these magnetic mats , the bowls stay attached to the base, making it enjoyable and hassle free for you and your pet !

Non-Spill - Due to the magnetic features of this design, there is no skidding, rattling, or spillage while eating.

High-Quality Materials - Made of superior Stainless steel material, rust resistant and durable, that will last for years.

Safe Feeding Experience - Our bowls are BPA FREE keeping the interior smooth, non-toxic and won't scratch the dog's tongue and mouth. Our bowls are also corrosion-resistant to various acids found in foods and no chemicals can migrate into your food from our bowls.

Material - LMO Printed Sheet Top, Magnetic Sheet with Eva Base

Sizing -
6.5 (D), 18 (L) x 11 (W) X 2 (H)"