Lickmat Sqaure

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Our Pawpourri lick mats are made of Food-Grade Silicone that is safe and harmless for pets. These mats are similar to slow feeders, on which pet parents can spread softer goodies like wet food, peanut butter or pumpkin. These mats have various positive uses for your furry friends like reducing anxiety, keeping them entertained, and keeping them distracted during tedious tasks like grooming & bathing.

Reduces anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour - Since it takes a bit longer to eat all the treats/spread food, a lick mat can serve as entertainment for a bored or anxious dog/cat. The repetitive action of licking is often shown to release endorphins in pets that in turn cause a calming effect.

Channel energy well - Often our pets get easily hyper during grooming, social outings, meeting guests etc. To keep your pooch calm and distracted, the lick mat is a perfect tool!

Durable & Solid - Lick mat have super powerful suction which provides an anti-skid/spill feature, keeping the eating/playing experience easy and clean.

Easy to clean: Simply peel off the wall and wash it in the dishwasher or by hand.

Material – Food-Grade Silicone Square Shaped

Sizing – 20x20 CM