Teal Lounger

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From cuddling to snuggling, stretching to relaxing, our cotton beds are perfect for your pups this summer ! Looks beautiful in any corner of your home, these beds have many value adds which make it even more useful for this season. They are made with waterproof material which help keep it extra hygienic by repelling moisture from its surface. They are also constructed using breathable cotton fabric making them light and comfortable. Lastly these beds are coated with nano-coating technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria and makes it more long lasting.

S/M is suitable for: Shih Tzu, French Bulldogs, Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Maltese & other small to medium sized dogs & cats.

M/L is suitable for: Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Indies, Huskies, Boxers, Dobermans & other medium to large sized dogs

Please Note: All our products are roll packed with lots of love to make sure your bed reaches you perfectly! Once your bed is rolled out and opened, it needs to be hand set to maintain its shape.

Water Resistant- This bed is waterproof, making it extra hygienic by repelling moisture from the surface of its fabric. This bed also sustains upto 10 washes.

Breathable - Our summer beds maintain the natural comfort and breathability of cotton and dries faster than other beds.

Anti Microbial - Our nano coating inhibits the growth of bacteria and makes our summer beds last longer than others.

Design Premium Quality- Right from the look & feel to the actual filling material of the bed, we use eco-friendly and premium-quality fabrics and polyfill.

Easy To Maintain - This cuddler bed has a machine washable cover.

Cover Material - Cotton
Filling - High quality poly fibre

Size - 22 x 28 x 7.5''
Best Fit For - Small to Medium Dogs

Size -30 x 38 x 8''
Best Fit For - Medium to Large Dogs